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femme mariee
The world is a comedy to those who think, and a tragedy to those who feel
"Over three years I photographed fans outside different concerts. I was fascinated by the different tribes of people that attended them, and how people emulated celebrity to form their identity. As I photographed the project I began to see how the concerts became events for people to come together with surrogate 'families', a chance to relive their youth or try and be part of a scene that happened before they were born."




@темы: Портрет

2012-10-28 в 02:45 

my pleasure in other people's leisure
Очень интересная фотосессия. Спасибо. Прежде не приходилось задумываться, что у разных исполнителей настолько разные фапнаты

2012-10-28 в 05:57 

My log saw something that night.
ржакаXD молодцы те, кто делал эту фотосессию!

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